Saturday, 23 July 2011

News Saturday 23rd July 2011

With the terrible gun & bomb attack in Norway - 85 people killed at the time of writing this, it has been difficult to find out what's going on in Japan, but here are a couple of things.

Reuter reports an earthquake with a "preliminary magnitude of 6.5 hit northeastern Japan on Saturday, the Japan Meteorological Agency said the epicenter of the earthquake was off the Pacific coast of Miyagi prefecture, about 300 kilometers (187 miles) from the capital Tokyo, adding that no tsunami warning had been issued and no reports of damage. " Reuters Report

Kyodo News reports that  "Todaiji temple, part of a World Heritage site in the ancient Japanese capital of Nara, western Japan, will open a museum in the fall  exhibiting its Buddhist statues and other artworks.The museum will comprise of a five-room exhibition floor of about 600 square meters will open Oct. 10 in the temple's cultural center facility near the Great Buddha hall, the temple said Thursday. The main exhibits will include statues of sunlight bodhisattva, moonlight bodhisattva and Fuku Kenjaku Kannon bodhisattva.     
'I believe the museum will help visitors realize the charms of Nara, as the cultural base to promote Todaiji temple,'' said Kosei Morimoto, a Todaiji priest and director of the cultural center.
The admission fee is set at 500 yen for adults and 300 yen for elementary school students." Kyodo Report

On a personal note, I do envy you guys in Japan, I've been to Todaiji, it is beautiful.

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