Tuesday, 6 September 2011

You would think such a day would tremble to begin: Remembering 3/11

Of course I was not there as such, I was probably asleep when it occurred, physically speaking. Since I live in Britain and it struck at 2:46pm. However, I remember quite clearly a Facebook link or Twitter feed, informing me that a 9.0M earthquake had hit Japan, soon after people were calling it the ‘Great East Japan Earthquake’.  Everyone was googling 'Tohoku'.  I remember staring at my computer as it if it were the Oracle at Delphi, I knew my loved ones were ok, they lived in a completely different part of Japan, yet I needed that confirmation.

I was staring at my Blackberry, waiting for the Gods of Wifi to assure me that all was well, and finally a chime and click later the Oracle answered my prayers, I knew all was well.

Days later, as with that other September 11th, the news died down in the UK, which is why I started this blog.  But this is my abiding memory.
Another great blog entry on the subject from @hikosaemon September 11: 6 Months & Tens Years on

with thanks to @808armada


  1. I guess that if this was the impetus to start this blog, that can at least be taken as a good thing. It's amazing how the Net has brought us so much closer to these events now.

    Also, thanks for the nice plug ;)


  2. We're all connected now. Keep up the good work.