Saturday, 3 September 2011

Storm hits Japan

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Rivers swollen by Typhoon, 5170 evacuate the city of Tokushima
And a snapshot from Twitter, obviously not all links work when copied.

Approximately 13:15 -14:15 BST Saturday 3rd September

Peckitt Michael G Peckitt 

Shogannai Eru 
Looks pretty typhoony now.

japanobserver japanobserver 
Two dead, 40 hurt as Talas hits Shikoku 

japantimes The Japan Times 
Two dead, 40 hurt as Typhoon Talas hits Shikoku; five missing in mudslides and flooding; flights, trains disrupted

japantopics Eiko Sala 
Authorities say at least one person has died, five others missing more than a dozen people have been injured

tamegoeswild Joseph Tame 
Incredible. 1 meter of rain in 72 hours in some locations in the path of typhoon 12.

JapanEye Chris Rees 
Stay safe, folk in Shikoku and Kansai. #Talas

 Dimitri Perrin 

@tamegoeswild already 1415mm in Kamikitayama (Nara pref.)

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